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What types of massage are there?


Full Body Massage: Designed primarily for relaxation. It includes a combination of techniques from different massage modalities, including but not limited to: Swedish, Oriental and other specialized treatments. The Swedish massage is probably the best known. If you see a movie or television show with someone getting a massage, this is usually what they show. The client is undressed, draped with a towel or sheet, oil is placed on the skin, and the muscles are kneaded, rubbed, vibrated, or tapped.


Shiatsu: A Japanese form of pressure point and muscle pressure designed to unblock energy forces in the body which allows it to regulate and heal problems areas.


Pressure Point: A treatment for specific problems. Different combinations of pressure points help relieve specific problem areas in the body.


Chair Massage: A quick way to relax and de-stress. The client sites fully closed and sessions begin at 10 minutes.


Senior Citizen Massage: There are many health benefits to massage beyond relaxation. Senior citizens often find increased feelings of vitality and relief of bodily problems. Be sure and tell your therapist of any specific physical problems you are experiencing so he or she knows where to concentrate their efforts for maximum relief.


Reflexology: Focuses on pressure points in the hands and feet. Different areas of the hands and feet are believed by practitioners to correspond to particular areas of the body such as organs and appendages. Pressure in these areas therefore relieves problems in the corresponding area of the body. Hot paraffin treatments are also available.


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